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Ne Zhdali - Canada

We are a vocal ensemble originating all the way from Murmansk, Russia. After coming to Canada in 2012, the group was reborn and eventually added more singers from a variety of backgrounds. We are united by our love of singing. Many of our arrangements are creative, original renditions of folk and pop standards from around the world. We have previously performed in various European festivals, and we are very excited to bring our musical artistry to the Kathaumixw Festival. Our name, Ne Zhdali, translates to “unexpected” - indeed you might find yourself surprised at the depth and diversity of our performances!

Olga Tokmakova holds a diploma in choral directing from the former USSR. She is the singing director of Ne Zhdali, an ensemble she started while teaching high school music. She endeavors to find inspiring music to arrange for the group for all to love and enjoy.





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