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Pan African Choir - Uganda

The Pan African Choir Uganda (PACU) is a dynamic music group dedicated to connecting diverse cultures through choral music with the goal of fostering global understanding, goodwill and peace building. Rooted in the founder’s vision/dream ‘music for harmonizing and transforming communities’, PACU is the only choral group from Africa whose repertoire spans all African countries. PACU was intentionally designed to foster a foundation of unity among various cultures and countries, as well as to present songs from various African countries to the world at large, beyond just a single country. This multiplicity and diversity makes the choir unique.

Simon Yiga is a very experienced teacher, choral director and philanthropist with over 45 years of music teaching and management experience. Mr. Yiga founded the Pan African Choir Uganda in 2013. He is a co-founder of Kampala Music School Uganda where he was Executive Director for 12 years before retiring and relocating to Vermont.





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